Wallum Community Preschool provides an educational program aimed at enhancing children's overall development in a safe and healthy environment. We recognise family as children’s most influential educator and aim to work in partnership with families, working in the best interests of the children. We aim to support children in feeling that they belong to our community, to be in the present moment of every-day life and to become active and involved participants as successful lifelong learners. We believe all children deserve the best start in life in order to create a better future for themselves and as citizens of the world.

Within our preschool community we aim;

- To act in the best interests of all children, developing trust through respectful relationships with teachers so they feel safe, supported and secure in our learning environment.

- To nurture positive attitudes towards others and acceptance of diversity enabling children to become socially responsible people with an understanding of the differences and similarities in children and adults.

- To create aesthetic environments that serve as a third teacher, giving children an appreciation of living things, the cycles of life, along with inspiring an understanding of environmental awareness. Designing physical spaces that nurture creativity, exploration and the motivation to independently investigate.

- To take a holistic approach to children’s overall learning and development, catering to the diverse range of learning styles, to foster a love of learning in each and every child.

- To support children to take increasing responsibility for self-help and basic health routines for their growing independence and satisfaction in being able to do things for themselves.

- To support and inspire families about young children’s learning and well-being in ‘Belonging’, ‘Being’ and ‘Becoming’ with current pedagogical practices.

- To develop positive relationships based on mutual trust and respect, actively encouraging families to contribute ideas through communication with teachers.

- To collaborate with families as a way to support children’s learning and empower them to act on behalf of their children in the years to come.

- To recognise and value the commitment of teachers, building a spirit of collegiality and professionalism through collaborative relationships based on trust, respect and honesty. Generating a culture of continual reflection and renewal of high quality education and pedagogical practices.

- To respect and acknowledge the Bundjalung people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which the Preschool stands. We acknowledge the important role of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in caring for country throughout history and to this day which is woven into our daily practices.

- To create an environment that is reflective and responsive to the needs and changes within the community.

- To implement workplace policies, standards and practices which are fair, non-discriminatory and in the best interest of children and families.

-To be an advocate for the Early Childhood Profession.

(References: Early Learning Years Framework & Early Childhood Code of Ethics)